Event Placement Profit Sharing

Placing a Selman ATM at your event will help you and your vendors realize more profit. Access to cash means more food sold, ride tickets sold, activities enjoyed and more vendor items purchased. Everyone’s happy, right?

At busy events, we often see lines forming at our ATMs. These event attendees are eager and ready to spend their cash on fun, food  and frivolous purchases. Selman ATM has a program that helps the event organization earn a percentage of all of those transactions.

Depending on your expected attendance, Selman ATM sets a standard transaction fee for completed transactions. Over and above that is an agreed upon fee that goes to the event organization. It’s that simple. 30-45 days after the event, Selman Telecom provides a transaction report for each ATM and sends you a check for your percentage.

Our revenue sharing program for Dallas and Fort Worth events makes having a temporary ATM profitable all around.

Temporary ATM Placements Are Available For:

  • Festivals
  • School Fairs
  • Silent Auctions
  • Carnivals
  • Sporting Events/Tournaments
  • High School Sporting Events
  • Concert Venues
  • Rodeos
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Craft Fairs
  • Bike Rallies
  • Races/Walks
  • Car Shows
  • Parades
  • Community Events
  • And MORE!!

Selman ATMs has worked with these amazing events throughout the DFW Metroplex:

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